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Main Catalogue of Films on Ceramics

(published 1991)

Deutschland/Germany Großbritannien/United Kingdom Irland/Ireland Frankreich/France
Spanien/Spain Österreich/Austria Belgien/Belgium Dänemark/Danmark
Niederlande/Netherlands Norwegen/Norway Tchechische Republik/Czech Republik U.S.A.
Kanada/Canada Brasilien/Brazil Neuseeland/New Zealand Japan

(other countries than Germany from the main catalog are not online available yet)

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Supplement to the Catalogue of Films and Videos on Ceramics

published August 1997

Germany (49 films and videos)

United Kingdom (7 videos)

France (19 films and videos)

Switzerland (2 videos)

Austria (1 video)

Spain (2 films and videos)

Belgium (1 video)

USA (86 videos) (80 kB)

Canada (26 videos)

Australia (20 videos)


Index of filmtitles

Index of distributors

Update from June 1999

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