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Entry, stay and working permits:

Citizens of the European Community (Austria, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece) should be able to enter Germany anytime without any difficulties.
The "Auswärtiges Amt", foreign ministry of Germany, states: "Citizens of countries of the European Community have freedom of movement in Germany. Visa are not necessary. People who are seeking employment do not need a residence permit for the first three months after entering the country. After finding a job a residence permit has to be applied for at the local bureau for foreigners "Auslaenderbehoerde". No permit is needed for a stay not longer then three months. Citizens of the EU do not have to apply for a working permit."

Switzerland, Norway: sorry, they refused to enter the EU. Therefore citizens of that countries can enter Germany for a tourist stay of up to three months without a visa. They can then apply for a residence permit, which is preliminary for starting employment, while they are already in Germany.

This also applies to citizens of the United States of America.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand: A tourist stay of three months is possible without a visa. If they intend to find a job in Germany they have to apply for a visa from their home country before entering. It can take up to three months before the visa is granted.

Poland, Czech Republic, Slowak Republic, Hungary, Slowenia, Croatia: The rules are the same as for Canadians (but in fact, they are not treated like Canadians...).

Turkey, Bosnia: visa are needed for every trip to Germany.

Citizens of other countries need to get information from the German embassies in their countries.

Auswärtiges Amt (Foreign Ministry of Germany)

Potters Societies

Kalkspatz e.V.
Dorfstr. 14,
D-17194 Klein Luckow
Editor of the Potters Report and responsible for international contacts and electronic media.
Kalkspatz homepage: http://www.kalkspatz.de

Förderkreis Keramik Hamburg e.V.
PO Box 306109
20327 Hamburg
Organizes a big potters market every year in Hamburg and other events.

Bundesverband der Töpfer (Bundesinnungsverband für das Keramikerhandwerk)

This is the national organisation of the "Innungen", which are associations of the "Töpfermeister" (Master Potters). They have legal status in the vocational training and examination of the apprentices.

Ceramic magazines


Adreßbuch, published by the ceramics magazine "Neue Keramik", Unter den Eichen 90, 12205 Berlin. 112 pages, 19,80 DM.
Updated annually. Covers pottery studios and workshops in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The entries to this directory are paid for, thus it covers a limited selection of potters. Lists: suppliers, potters markets, seminars, exhibitions and symposia, funding sources, schools, galleries, and museums. The contents of this booklet can be found on the homepage of Neue Keramik.

Töpfer und Keramiker Innung Bayern, 1990, 158 pages, DM 32. Describes 101 studios and workshops in Bavaria. Available from: Keramikkabinett Dießen, Postfach 87, 86908 Dießen /Ammersee.

Mitgliederverzeichnis der bayrischen Töpferinnung (Members Directory of the Bavarian Innung) available free from
Alte Bamberger 4
96317 Kronach
Phone: +49/9261.603810


Staatliche Fachschule für Keramik
Marienplatz 8
84028 Landshut
3 years vocational training for potters apprentices. 2 years master courses. Entry examination.

Fachschule für Keramiktechnik
Am Scheidberg
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen
Study of ceramics design or technics. Master courses.

Institut für künstlerische Keramik
Rheinstr. 80
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen
3 years study. Entry examination.

Akademie der Bildenden Künste
Akademiestr. 2
80799 München
5 years study. Entry exam.

Hochschule für Kunst und Design Burg Giebichenstein
Postfach 200252
06003 Halle an der Saale
5 years study. Entry exam.

Staatliche Fachschule für Technik und Gestaltung
Rodaerstr. 45
07621 Hermsdorf
Phone: +49/36601.473
3 years study ceramics design, master course included.

Staatliche Schule für Farbe und Gestaltung
Leobenerstr. 97
70469 Stuttgart
One years master course.


(a larger selection with opening hours, exhibitions etc. can be found at the homepage of Neue Keramik


Some engaged potters assistants and apprentices have started a project called "Potters Job Market".

The freedom of craft business is stricly limited by law in Germany. German citizens have to pass a minimum of five years training and practice and two examinations before they are allowed to open a business as a potter. This does not apply to citizens of the EU, if they have already been running their own business since five years in their own country.